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Approved by the USA Pickleball Association

Our Paddle meets all qualifications for competing on the highest level.

Ships From Los Angeles, California USA
  • USA PICKLEBALL APPROVED - The best way to win competitions is with a USA Pickleball-approved paddle. The Regalia Noble is tested & approved for tournament play, guaranteeing it meets the quality & performance requirements.
  • TRUSTED BY THE PROS - We have surveyed the pros and know what it takes to make a winning paddle. Crafted with strong and durable Toray T-700 carbon fiber on the surface, you’ll always have the best spin and the edge on the court. This is what the pro’s asked for, and that’s what we delivered.
  • REACTIVE HONEYCOMB CORE - The 16MM polymer core minimizes vibration, improves control, and enhances the paddle's longevity. This paddle achieves the perfect balance between power and control, allowing you to make the best plays in any situation.
  • FIT YOUR PLAYSTYLE - Our paddle has a dynamic aero curve head design, reducing drag and boosting swing speed. Also, it boasts a large sweet spot, designed for unmatched flexibility in any situation. 
  • DURABLE & SUSTAINABLE - The paddle features a unibody design, which not only adds power, but prolongs the lifespan of the paddle. It's engineered with durability in mind, saving both your money and environment. We also use eco-friendly and recycled materials when packaging to help reduce environmental waste.

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by the
USA Pickleball Association

FIT YOUR PLAYSTYLE - Our paddle has a dynamic aero curve head design, reducing drag and boosting swing speed. Also, it boasts a large sweet spot, designed for unmatched flexibility in any situation.

Who Are We? Our Story & Our Vision

Regalia Pickleball is more than just a Pickleball equipment brand.
Regalia Pickleball creates high-quality paddles.
Our vision at Regalia Pickleball.

We are a community of players who share a passion for the game at all skill levels.

Our goal is to increase the accessibility and enjoyment of the sport, while building a sense of community.

Supporting all players, families, and communities in promoting an active lifestyle and love for the game.